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Stress: know its effects and consequences

Stress is a state in which it is preferable to avoid being at all. The harm resulting from stress would be the cause of up to 35% of the absentee rate in the workplace. To different degrees, a third of the population would also be affected by anxiety.

Stress, what exactly is it? The stress response is the body’s reaction which enables us to react to various threats, benign or serious, that we face on a daily basis. This reaction is meant for short term protection: confrontation (the reflex to catch a ball when it is thrown in our face), flight (running to shelter for protection from a storm) or immobilisation (standing still faced with a wild animal). These decisions must be taken rapidly.

A stressful situation stimulates the production of cortisol, a hormone secreted by the adrenal glands. By stimulating the blood glucose levels, cortisol frees the necessary energy from the body’s reserves to respond in a stressful situation. Normally, the hypothalamus becomes the regulator, calming the reaction. But what happens when stress is ever-present and constant?

When stress is constant, the body enters into a “resistance phase”, during which the adrenal glands continually secrete cortisol. Too much cortisol creates many physiological consequences: :
  • Exhaustion of the adrenal glands
  • Increase of blood glucose levels (cause of diabetes)
  • Decrease in calcium absorption levels (cause of osteoporosis)
  • Slower digestion (cause of weight gain and different digestive upsets such as ulcers)
  • Deterioration of the dermis (skin aging)
  • Weakened immune system..

Constant secretion of cortisol tires the hypothalamus, which is then unable to exercise its normal regulatory function. Too much cortisol in the hypothalamus is a cause of depression. How to recognize the signs of stress? Stress is manifested through different symptoms which are either physical (muscular tension, headaches, sleep disorders, digestive upsets… ), emotional (irritation, agitation, anxiety, difficulty concentrating…) or behavioural(disorganisation, interrelational problems, avoiding demanding situations…). Do you recognize yourself in these? If you are experiencing some of these symptoms it is important to act now. Stress that is not properly handled or untreated anxiety may lead to more sever chronic issues such as: alcoholism, irritable bowel syndrome, hypertension and depression. Even more so if the source of stress also involves other difficulties in family, environmental, financial or professional contexts.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) indicates that by 2020, depression will become the 2nd leading cause of disability, not far behind cardio vascular troubles. No one wants to be a part of these dire statistics.

I Feel no1!

Feel no 1 is an innovative formula with a base of 3 botanical extracts acting in synergy:

    are used in phytotherapy to help relieve nervousness. The possibility that the plant may contain a sedative ingredient was put forth when it was noticed that workers harvesting hop flowers had a tendency to fall asleep on the job.
    Today, still largely harvested for the production of beer, hops also grow wild in many regions of the world and their therapeutic uses have been used for thousands of years in Greece, Italy, India, China and by Native Americans.
    is used in phytotherapy to help sleep (in cases of agitation or insomnia related to mental stress). Native Americans abundantly used passionflower in the kitchen and for the treatment of certain ailments. European explorers introduced it to Europe where, even today, passionflower is included in the composition of many medicinal preparations.
100% natural and alcohol free, Feel no1 is the ideal formula for active people who are under stress, are anxious or nervous and are looking for a healthy helper. The unique synergism of the active ingredients in Feel no1 allows you to remain calm and productive. The liquid formula, more efficiently assimilated, ensures maximum results. Why not replace your cup of coffee or tea with a dose of Feel no1 in a cup of hot or cold water? A healthy habit that may really improve your quality of life. Feel no1 is equally beneficial in the case of: migraines, fibromyalgia, insomnia, weight control.
Buy Feel no1 online HERE Tell us what Feel no1 have done for you  HERE * Before using supplements, it is important to consult your health professional. Your particular situation may greatly influence the suggested treatment
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