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How to choose the right lubricant

Choosing a lubricant is not an easy task : more softness, more comfort, more pleasure, water-based, oil-based, silicone-based, hot, cold, intense sensations, time-release, moisturizing, edible, coconut oil-based, latex compatible, silicone compatible, with or without flavour, with or without perfume, etc.

The choice is incredible, but there is a lack of information on the subject and the promotion of each brand increases the confusion. Also, many people do not ask questions because they are embarrassed and fear judgment. That's why we thought we'd write about it.


Why use a lubricant ?

Lubricants are not only useful for women of a certain age who lack lubrication due to menopause. In fact, we often underestimate the proportion of people who use it. According to a 2012 study conducted in the United States by the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, more than 65% of people use it. The benefits of a lubricant go far beyond simple lubrication. In summary, the use of a lubricant makes it possible to  :

  1. Control our level of lubrication.
  2. Increase our level of pleasure and our sensations.
  3. Prevent irritation caused by friction.
  4. Hydrate our mucous membranes.
  5. Use sex toys. 

Whether it's due to stress, apprehension about sex, irritation, hormonal changes after childbirth and during breastfeeding, our sexual habits or simply for pleasure, lubricants are useful for people of all ages, and all sexual orientations. Using a lubricant eliminates the fear of running out of lubrication during lovemaking.


The 3 main types of lubricants

In general, it is possible to group intimate lubricants into three groups. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Water-based

Very versatile and often more natural, this type of lubricant is suitable for condoms with or without latex. The only downside is that they tend to dry out faster, so generally we have to use a larger amount.

  1. Silicone-based

Generally smoother in texture, it provides long-lasting lubrication. They are also known to be hypoallergenic. They are synthetic, so they are unnatural and not suitable for toys made of silicone, as they degrade them.

  1. Oil-based

Very slippery and long-lasting, oil-based lubricants are excellent for both intense lovemaking and massage. However, this type of lubricant is not suitable for condoms because it makes them permeable. Also this type of lubricant can stain your sheets and clothes and they are not necessarily pleasant for oral sex.


Some criteria to consider

  1. Synthetic vs Natural : Unlike the skin, the cells covering the surface of the internal mucous membranes are alive and absorption is possible and much faster than through the skin. It is for this reason that many people pay close attention to the ingredients and avoid the synthetic ingredients that make up the lubricant. It is better to favor more natural ingredients than chemical ingredients.
  1. Usage type : Depending on the type of intercourse, some lubricants may be more appropriate than others. For example, it would be better to use an edible lubricant if oral sex is often practiced. As well as if condoms are used, lubricants that are oil-based should be avoided, as this type of lubricant reduces their effectiveness and protection.
  1. Some ingredients to avoid : According to several references, and since the internal mucous membranes are more sensitive than the skin, certain ingredients are more likely to cause irritation. Among these ingredients, glycerin, propylene glycol, parabens, perfumes, added flavors, agents that provide a heat effect such as menthol should be avoided. Each person may react differently. Before using any lube, test a small amount of the product by applying it to your inner thigh and see how your body reacts.
  1. The lubricant's pH : This aspect goes unnoticed, because it is rarely written on the packaging, but it can affect the vaginal pH and cause infections. Indeed, the vaginal pH is important to maintain a good vaginal flora. Choosing a lubricant that has a pH between 4 and 5 helps to avoid the risk of infections.


ALOVE: the new natural lubricant from Land Art

Recognized for its high quality aloe vera, Land Art now offers an intimate, versatile and perfect lubricant for everyone: ALOVE. Without glycerin or other ingredients recognized as irritants, it is compatible with all types of condoms and with all sex toys.

Another interesting point: Land Art lubricant is edible with a pH between 4 and 5, like that of the vaginal flora. Thanks to its high content of aloe vera, not only will it minimize friction but it will also reduce irritation and even repair damaged mucous membranes. Alove is of course a natural water-based lubricant, but it has been designed to evaporate very slowly and thus limit the quantities of use. Fragrance free, colorant free and flavour free, Alove will not stain your sheets or clothes. Its bottle is easy to use, thanks to its spout.
We are very proud of its quality and we are convinced that it will become a must-have in your bedside table.



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