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About natural liquid supplements

All natural liquid supplements from Land Art family owned business are produced and distributed across Canada since 1992. Leader in the field of natural liquid supplements, our scientific team including biochemists, nutritionists and naturopaths designs and makes our very own natural products including a range of gluten-free and vegan products in our Ecocert NOP organic certified plant We have a site licence from Health Canada ensuring that we make natural products of the highest quality. 

About Us

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Our team shares an enthusiastic passion: to offer top quality, efficient liquid dietary supplements. With a range of over 70 products, Land Art stands out with such a large variety of supplements that offer solutions for increasingly more precise needs. Thanks to ongoing research and development, we continue to innovate and create liquid products that correspond to the needs and expectations of the population.

We have devoted and highly qualified employees (chemists and biochemists, nutritionists, microbiologists, aromatians, specialists in food technologies and naturopaths). Together, they can respond to the questions of customers, whether it is about the use of our products or about their composition.

Thanks to this multidisciplinary team of scientists and a laboratory expert, Land Art designs and produces all of their products using methods that are not only scientific but also naturopathic. This collaborative process ensures an optimal elaboration of the products. They are produced and bottled in our factory in Varennes, Quebec, and certified by Health Canada (license no 300423). All of our supplements undergo rigorous quality control testing. From raw materials, to packaging and finished products, they are controlled and supervised with an entirely computerized monitoring system. Furthermore, to ensure quality, each production is analyzed in an independent lab before the product is approved for sale.

Environmental Commitment

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At Land Art, we are concerned about the future of our planet. We have therefore chosen bottles that are recyclable and made of a superior quality plastic (HDPE), which are BPA and BPS free. They are approved by organic certification agencies. The quality of our bottles allows us to avoid unnecessary packaging, considering that they do not need to be individually boxed.

Also, using these plastic bottles reduces the transportation weight compared to glass bottles. Since they are lighter to transport, we are also helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

With regards to supplies, nearly 80% of our suppliers are local merchants. This choice is mainly justified by our desire to reduce the actual transportation of products, but we also wish to encourage our local employment and economy.

Finally, we have implemented a recycling program that allows us to considerably reduce our total packaging waste. All of these initiatives are just a beginning. We continually endeavor to implement more programs with goals towards sustainable development. After all, a healthy environment is the basis for good health.

Product Design

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The efficiency of our products is primordial. This is why we dedicate much energy and many resources towards the elaboration of our new products.

A multidisciplinary team made up of biochemists, biologists, chemists, nutritionists and naturopaths promote an approach which is both scientific and Naturopathic throughout the creative process.

The development of our products starts with an attention to your needs. They are what determine the idea behind the product. From there, our team carries out research and examines the most serious studies in order to determine the absolute best active ingredients to use.

Many tests are then performed in our own laboratory in order to produce a stable and effective product.

At each step of the process, we ask ourselves the following questions:
  • Do the chosen ingredients interact with each other?
  • Is there synergy in the formula (are the ingredients more effective together)?
  • Is the product stable?
  • Does the product meet the needs of our clients?
  • Is the flavor pleasant?

Once we have positively responded to each of these questions, we then know that our new formula is ready. A focus group then tests our new product to validate the effectiveness and provide comments on different aspects of the product, including taste, texture, etc.

We don’t stop there, we also follow-up with an analysis of each product, throughout their shelf life, to ensure that the active ingredients remain present in sufficient quantities.

* All of these efforts towards one main goal: to meet your needs.

Guarantee and quality control

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At Land Art, your satisfaction is our mission. We don’t only strive to offer efficient and excellent quality products, but we also grant you access to highly qualified personnel that can reply to any of your questions about using our products or the composition of our formulas.

At Land Art, quality control is rigorously performed. To this end, we have obtained and continually maintained our license with Health Canada, (license no. 300423) which certifies that we conform to the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and much more. Also, our factory is Ecocert NOP certified organic which allows us to produce organically certified products as needed.

Additionaly, even though each lot of raw material received comes with a certificate of analysis provided by the supplier, we also proceed with our own testing and analysis before using the ingredients that make up our Land Art products. All materials must conform to USP reference standards (pharmaceutical norms).

Many tests are performed before packaging:
  • Analysis of the active ingredients to verify that the dosage of the substances corresponds to the norms (USP standards)
  • Microbiological analysis to ensure that the product is exempt of pathogenic micro-organisms.
  • Analysis of chemical contaminants to ensure that the product is exempt of heavy metals, residual solvents or pesticides.
  • Organoleptic analysis to examine the look and the taste of the product to make sure it corresponds to the specifications.
  • Finally, the lot numbers and the expiry dates are validated before proceeding with bottling.

The weight of the bottles is then statistically verified to ensure that they are consistently filled. Samples of each lot are conserved in our lab to perform stability testing and for further use as a reference.

Advantages of liquids

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Liquid supplements have become highly popular. With an aging population and an increasingly high number of prescriptions being written, different problems are appearing such as constipation, heartburn, lack of appetite and symptoms of undernourishment due to insufficient or inadequate nutrition.

As we age, our digestion becomes less effective: our stomach produces less acid to digest food and medications, our intestines are slower (decreased motor function), our liver doesn’t work as fast and is increasingly solicited by the medications that we take.

People are therefore searching for solutions to improve their quality of life; this is when liquid supplements are strongly recommended. Everyone can benefit!

Here are the six main advantages of taking a supplement in liquid form.
  1. Easier to digest

    When compared to solid supplements (capsules and pills), liquid supplements do not have a protective barrier to destroy and are not compacted which would require their dissolution to break apart. They are much easier to digest.

  2. Easier to absorb

    In many cases, the active ingredients of liquid supplements are in ionic form, which means in a form that our body can naturally absorb. We’re saving our body a lot of effort by avoiding the work it takes to liberate the active ingredients contained in capsules and then transform them into ionic form.

  3. Rapid action

    Considering that the liquid supplements are easier to digest and absorb, the active ingredients act faster!

  4. Higher absorption rate

    Digestion of solid supplements is not always 100%. Since our stomach produces less acid as we age, capsules and pills are not always completely digested. This may lead to symptoms such as constipation, as is the case with iron and calcium supplements when they are not liquid.

  5. Easy dosage

    Liquid supplements are easily adjusted using a dropper, a dosage cup or a spoon. It is much more difficult to do so with a capsule or a pill.

  6. Easy to take

    Young children and the elderly may have difficulty swallowing capsules, pills or gel caps. Liquid supplements are easy to drink and may even be integrated with food.

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