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Your guide to an epic detox

By Erica Grenci, Naturopathic Medical Intern in Toronto and blogger for Everything Beautiful.

If you’re feeling sluggish, struggling with skin problems, puffy eyes, allergies, bloating, trouble sleeping, brain fog, can’t seem to lose weight, or just don’t feel like your optimal self – chances are, you could use a detox! Not only is it important to keep a minimal toxic load on the regular (I’ll explain what that means shortly), but your body requires a good boost now and then to keep it functioning at its best. Detoxing has actually been practiced around the world for centuries, especially prominent in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine, as its recognized that the body requires periods of restful cleansing and elimination. In doing so, this allows your body to remain in its highest state of health through the removal of circulating toxins and impurities, while at the same time strengthening all of the organs! 


There are several effective ways of detoxifying the body, all of which should do the following:

  • Allow the organs to rest by means of fasting {the length can vary – intermittent fasting is also effective, which is approximately 12 hours}
  • Further activate the liver to eliminate toxins from the body
  • Promote elimination through bowels, kidneys, and skin
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Nourish and re-fuel the body with healthy nutrients
  • Remove obstacles to detoxing (i.e. processed/refined foods, coffee, smoking, alcohol, and saturated fats)



  • Clean up your Diet

The body thrives most optimally on RAW, LIVE, FRESH, ORGANIC foods! Ditch pesticide produce, refined/processed/preserved foods, saturated/trans-fats, artificial coloring/additives, dairy, red meat, as well as coffee, sugar, and alcohol. Choose sprouted, wholesome grains, nuts & seeds, and plenty of fruits & vegetables. This should be done prior to cleansing, during, AND maintained afterward for optimal health.

  • Begin with the 3-Day Detox Therapy

This famous and effective method by   Dr. John Christopher is a an excellent way to rapidly remove the built-up sludge in the body, get the system moving, and re-alkalanize the blood:

    • Upon waking, drink 16 ounces or more of prune juice (unsweetened). This will not only empty the bowels, but also draw into the intestines toxic matter circulating the entire body for proper elimination.

    • Within 30 minutes of drinking the 16oz of prune juice, drink an 8oz glass of fresh, undiluted apple juice. Be sure to swish each mouthful thoroughly, as this will help with the absorptive process. Within the next 30 minutes drink a glass of purified water (preferably steam-distilled), followed by another 8oz glass of apple juice. This is repeated throughout the day with the general guideline that 1 gallon of apple juice/day be consumed for the average sized adult (or one ounce per lb of body weight – this is an approximation).

    • Repeat this for 3 consecutive days. During the three-day cleanse, take one or two tablespoons of olive oil three times a day, as this will help to lubricate bile and liver ducts.
    • On the fourth and subsequent days, begin juicing other fruits and vegetables, along with consuming them raw as needed.
  • Utilize Herbal Support

Herbs are a must when looking to support the body through a detox. They strengthen the organs, provide additional nutrients, promote increased elimination, and stimulate regeneration. One herbal formula I love (that is especially great for a 7-day detox) is the   Detox 7 jours It contains ‘milk thistle’ for liver protection and stimulation, ‘artichoke’ to aid in increasing bile flow, ‘burdock’ as a blood purifier to help remove accumulated waste products via the kidneys, skin and mucus membranes, while also a diuretic, ‘boldo’ to stimulate digestion, ‘cascara sagrada’ for increased bowel movements, and ‘figwort’ to increase elimination via the kidneys. The dosage is 2 tbsp./day for 7 days.

  • Practice Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting has been practiced for centuries to aid in the body’s natural cleansing process. It is recommended to restrict eating to an 8-hour window per day, as 12 hours is needed for complete daily detoxification (4 hours for digestion, and 8 hours for liver processing). This means that you should have your last meal approximately 4 hours before bed time and then sleep for an average of 8 hours. A method so simple has such powerful effects in terms of longevity and health benefits. It increases cellular turnover and repair, improves fat burning, appetite and blood sugar control, metabolic rate, as well as cardiovascular function. You can certainly commit to longer types of fasting, but t

Contrasting hot and cold showers is an excellent way to exercise the lymphatic system to encourage circulation and detox. By alternating hot and cold, the lymph vessels expand and contract respectively, allowing for enhanced movement of toxins out of the system, as well as increased white blood cell production. Since lymph is responsible for carrying away waste and debris, you’ll want it to be moving as efficiently as possible. While the length of the contrasts can vary, it’s important to keep it at a 3-to-1 ratio – that is 3 minutes hot, to 1 minute cold. It is also essential always finish with the cold. Gradually work up to the number of cycles as well as intensity of hot vs. cold and enjoy the incredible physiological benefits!

  • Increase Hydration

As with any detox program, hydration is KEY. You’ll want to drink ample amounts of purified water in order to aid the kidneys in flushing out toxins. The average recommendation is 8-10 glasses per day, although this varies based on body weight and level of activity. Ideally, you’ll want your urine to be light or almost clear – this is a sign of adequate hydration! Alternatively, dark urine suggests that the body is not receiving the required amount of water (note: B-vitamin supplements can change the color of urine to bright yellow and fresh beets can add a reddish tinge). If drinking plain water is not your thing, infuse it with some fresh mint, lemon, or organic cucumber/berries for added detox benefit!

  • Sweat it Out

The moist heat from a steam sauna is especially helpful for cleansing and eliminating toxins through the skin (and thereby alleviating the burden on the liver and kidneys). By elevating the body’s internal temperature, stimulating blood flow and opening the pores, sweating is enhanced and the body is better able to release ‘fat cell store toxins’. Through this increase in metabolism with sauna therapy, fat is burned and previously stored toxins can then be excreted, while also allowing for the decongestion of internal organs. And if you’ve yet to try a Eucalyptus steam sauna, you’re in for a treat!

  • ‘Dry Brushing’ 

One of my absolute favorite detox treatments, dry brushing helps to further eliminate toxins through your pores on a regular basis. It improves circulation, stimulates lymphatic drainage, firms the skin, and sloughs off dead skin cells (with their toxic attachments), while promoting the development of new cells. Use soft, natural bristles and begin brushing gently while eventually working your way a bit deeper. Begin by brushing the bottom of your legs in a circular motion, moving up your body, working in the direction of bringing blood-flow back to the heart. Always avoid brushing over any wound, cut, burn, or skin irritation. Also, the goal is never to break the skin – but to stimulate it. Shower post-brushing to wash off dead skin cells.
  • Eliminate toxic personal care products and household cleaners

Part of reducing your toxic load as much as possible, it’s paramount to switch all of your personal care and cleaning products to a natural alternative. Your skin absorbs 70% of what you put on it and can depending on its purity, can cause undo toxic stress to the body. As well, cleaning products can fill the air with harmful chemicals that is inhaled through the respiratory system. If you’re uncertain about product purity, the Skin Deep Database’ by ‘L’Environmental Working Group’ is a fantastic resource.

  • Engage in Deep Breathing

Since the lungs are one of the major routes of elimination, it is important to breathe deeply and consciously. By allowing more oxygen to enter the body, it helps to increase vitamin and nutrient absorption, create more white blood cells, and essentially act as a pump for the lymphatic system. To breathe deeply, have proper upright posture (a straight back lengthens the thorax for easier breathing), inhale slowly through the nose. Concentrate on your abdomen and fill the lower part of your lungs, followed by your chest and upper portion of your lungs. Once a complete breathe is reached, hold for about 1-5 seconds and the exhale slowly through your mouth until you’ve emptied your lungs. Repeat this 5 times a day and eventually deep breathing will become second nature to you!


Last but certainly not least, exercise! No detox is complete without it, and it should be carried out on an ongoing basis. By increasing movement your are literally enhancing your entire body by promoting increased circulation of blood and lymph, improved digestion, opening up the sweat glands for perspiration and cleansing, flushing out your lungs, as well as causing a massage of the internal organs. ANY exercise that gets your heart pumping is aiding the body in cleansing itself, so find your favorite activity and get moving! Don’t forget to workout your core, as this will help to stimulate your intestines for faster elimination, and an enhanced detox.

DISCLAIMER: This article does not replace the advice or care of a medical health professional. Consult your Naturopathic Doctor to set up an individualized wellness protocol or before using any health treatment. The information presented here is for educational purposes only.

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