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Detox and its traps!

Marie-France is passionate about natural health products to maintain optimum health and vitality. A professionally trained Naturopath, she is also a sales representative at Land Art since 2015. 

If we mention the word « detox », what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Promises of eternal youth, long hair streaming through the wind, sun-kissed skin, unicorns, and rainbows? That’s because, in the detox world, there is a lot of good marketing. You are promised remarkable changes, life-changing transformations, bulletproof serenity in a world of ever-increasing stress… in other words, they are selling you a beautiful dream for only a few simple dollars. They’re trying to make money on your health. And without that tea, serum or miracle pill, you will be miserable, clogged up, on the verge of a cliff where you are vulnerable to the worst diseases known to mankind from cholera to scurvy. I’d like to reassure you and let you know that everything will be just fine. Actually, your liver and your kidneys are taking care of everything as we speak; they have been doing so ever since your mother’s 1rst trimester and will continue to do so until your very last breath.

The simple idea that a « detox » would work with any miracle product is ridiculous. Nothing is that good. And if it were, don’t you think the overall health of the population, in general, would be better for it? Let’s set things straight right away: there is no easy solution. Health is a way of life. Detox is a series of simple actions taken on a daily basis, for the rest of your life. First, start by drinking water when you wake up. Skip that first cup of coffee and treat your organs to the hydration that they truly deserve after an eight-hour night of sleep. For some people, this simple step can go a long way toward effectively detoxing. Then, make an effort to add some fruit and vegetables to your meals, and make sure you get a good variety of colors. Finally, eat foods that are the most natural as possible. Chicken nuggets don’t free range on sunny summer days; they are a highly processed food. Rice doesn’t naturally come in convenient packets that can cook within 30 seconds in the microwave. It is longer to cook full grains, but make sure that they are full of vitamins, fibers, and polyphenols which are essential to your health. Generally speaking, if food is produced in a factory to « make things easier» you definitely have to ask yourself what’s going on there. You don’t need to change all of your habits overnight; make a few simple strategic changes, and you will see a notable difference in your energy levels, your overall vitality, and your mood.

Once these simple changes have been made, it may also be a good idea to add, occasionally, certain plants that contain antioxidants, specific molecules that are well known to support the organs responsible for « cleaning up » our systems. The difference is significant; we’re talking about support, support for a cleaning process that is already happening. If you want help visualizing this, imagine this, helping ourselves with good products is equivalent to opening the windows wide open while you’re doing some spring cleaning; it helps to freshen up the air and get rid of some dust!

Land Art offers a complete line of products that may help you to support your organs throughout their daily functions. We are talking about plant-based products with the ideal dosages to obtain remarkable effects that are not harsh on your system. Keep in mind that « detox » does not necessarily mean uncontrollable diarrhea! You should never feel like you’ve lost control during a detox. Headaches, nausea and intense fatigue are undesirable side-effects, and no one wants to willingly put themselves through that when taking a supplement to support detox. Among the plants that have already proven their efficiency, there are notably milk thistle, a powerful hepatic cell regenerator, dandelion, aloe, burdock, and artichoke. You can also add a light laxative – such as cascara sagrada –to gently facilitate elimination. Be attentive to your body, drink pure water, eat healthily and lightly, sleep eight hours a night and manage your stress using breathing exercises or meditation, that is the secret to good health. Add in a few beneficial plants, and you have the perfect recipe for the most simple and efficient detox possible!

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