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A new generation of b-complex has arrived

Land Art introduces two new and innovative formulas of B-complex vitamins.
Inspired by the original formula already known for its effects on the nervous system and on the production of energy, these complete B-vitamin formulas are paired with herbal extracts for optimum results depending on your specific condition. 

A combination of B-vitamins, what’s the use?  

First of all, you need to know that each vitamin in the B-group has its own function. However, many of these functions intersect and B-vitamins need each other for assimilation and to function within the body.

B-vitamins produce energy and nourish the nervous system. Consequently, they help to cope with stress and reduce feelings of fatigue. Studies conducted with people suffering from depression have shown them to be deficient in the B-vitamin group, especially vitamins B6, B9 (folic acid) and B12. These nutrients play an important role in neurotransmitter synthesis, especially serotonin and dopamine.

Recent studies have also shown the importance of B-group vitamins in heart health. B-complex vitamins prevent high levels of homocysteine, an amino acid produced by the body when we eat meat. High levels of homocysteine in the blood have been associated with cardiovascular diseases such as blood clots, heart attacks and cerebrovascular accidents.

Except for vitamins B3 and B12, we must get them from our diet. Excesses are eliminated in the urine so it is important to have plenty every day. This is becoming an even greater challenge as our foods continue to be denatured and transformed. Certain illnesses (Crohn’s Disease, anorexia, alcoholism) and certain medications (oral contraceptives, hormones, for hypertension, asthma and parkinson's) also reduce the proper assimilation of B-vitamins.

Taking a regular B-complex supplement may prevent deficiency and address current health concerns such as: fatigue, stress, cholesterol, heart health, etc…

Did you know?

A few facts about B-vitamins:

  • Vitamin B supplements may change the color of urine.
  • Too much niacin (B3) can cause red patches and hot flashes. These symptoms are not dangerous but it is a clear sign that the dose must be decreased.
  • Our daily needs are different for each vitamin in the B-group. A good supplement must reflect this reality. It must provide the adequate dosage for each vitamin. Supplements that offer equal amounts of B-vitamins are to be avoided.

Two new specialised formulas

B’s are good but do you feel like you need a little something more? If you are active and lack energy, choose the Energy formula. You’re more of a nervous or stressed out type? Then you should try the Zen formula.


B-Complex Energy : to improve physical and mental productivity

The Energy formula contains specially measured doses of B-group vitamins, Siberian ginseng and guarana extracts.

Guarana is a plant which has gained popularity in the past few years for its rapid effects on fatigue and drowsiness. It improves vigilance and cognitive functions.

For a general state of fatigue or to get a little extra energy, Eleuthero is the key. An adaptogen, it helps to improve mental and physical productivity during periods of effort. It is also recommended during convalescence, to help you get back on your feet as soon as possible. The effects are slightly longer lasting than with guarana.

B-Complex Zen : to relieve nervousness

The proper doses of B-vitamins in the Zen formula have been optimized for this use. This formula offers increased B5 levels, the “antistress vitamin” that regulates the nervous system and supports the adrenal glands. Camomile, hops and moringa extracts are the perfect addition to further complement this formula.

Used since Antiquity, hops relieve nervousness and agitation. In these modern times, we use the flowers to make a concentrated aqueous extract using a closed circuit steam and pressure extractor.

The relaxing reputation of camomile is already widely known. Recognized in the official pharmacopeia of 26 different countries, this soothing plant is a marvelous addition in the B-Complex Zen formula.

A new star in the world of vitamin B1 rich super foods, moringa is a plant that provides extracts which have relaxing and calming properties. It is a contributory addition to the Zen formula.


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