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Hassle free weight loss? Here we go!

Summer is just around the corner. You want to get rid of a little extra weight gained during the winter, but that’s not as easy as it sounds. You want to get into shape and have a pretty silhouette. This is more than just a question of aesthetics; it’s also a health issue. Excess weight can promote elevated cholesterol levels, hypertension and diabetes. Your lungs, your heart and your bones also take on extra stress from supporting the extra weight. Yes, there are solutions that we will examine further. Where to start, can we depend on supplements, must we absolutely exercise or change our diet? Must we put in so much effort or are there any pre-existing solutions? Can we lose the weight without regaining it? How to see clear amid the multitude of existing diets? And what about motivation?

Plan for a vigorous and healthy lifestyle, for a more global approach
  • Turn a temporary diet into a diet for life. Adopt new, healthy habits to lose weight and you’ll keep it off because you will maintain these new habits.
  • A complete health approach is favourable to avoid long term deficiencies so make it interesting to maintain. Create an approach that includes activities and habits that are easily integrated into your daily routine. Ask yourself, for example, if you will be able to apply the rules of the diet into your daily habits and if this is not possible you will obviously regain the weight because you will readily return to your old habits.
  • Create your own program to get in shape and write it out. This new program must become a new habit fully integrated into your daily routine that takes into account your personal desires, giving you the opportunity to deviate from time to time.
  Include 4 steps in your global approach: emotional well-being, nutrition, supplements and exercise 
  • Emotional well-being: Face cravings head on. Do you eat, even if you’re not hungry, when you’re bored, stressed, feeling lonely or tired? Think of the expression “healthy body, healthy mind”. If you’re not comfortable with your body image this may be linked to relationship issues, problems at work, important stress issues, negative emotions, all of which may lead to weight gain. Take the time to think this over and find solutions to these problems. It may make the whole difference towards obtaining your weight loss goal. Eating to forget one’s problems is not a good solution. If this is your case and you want to stop: note your emotions or talk to someone about them, play with your favourite pet, do respiratory exercises, take yoga or meditation classes, take some time off, take naps instead of snacking. Try to analyse your relationship with food because if you don’t understand why you have gained weight, it will be even more difficult to lose.
  • Nutrition: Do you suffer from malnutrition that makes you accumulate empty calories? Diversify your diet and expect progressive results. Add good quantities of fibre, vegetables, especially green vegetables and fruit. Limit fats and saturated fats. Chose unsaturated fats and avoid eating cold cuts or too much sugar. If you are obsessed by cleaning out your plate, change this habit and take smaller portions.
Good to know: Studies show that we misinterpret the sensation of thirst, thinking that we are hungry instead. In reality, dehydration plays a major role in fatigue and we tend to try and boost our energy by eating. Drink water, it will appease this sensation immediately. We shouldn’t wait to be thirsty before drinking! Drinking between and during meals calms hunger.
  • Supplements: Do you eat well, respect your nutritious needs? Supplements to control weight may help, but do not expect them to create miracles! To prevent nutrient deficiencies that may cause cravings chose a good multi vitamin. To prevent energy loss or stress, take ginseng with royal jelly and tonics like Energik. A green tea extract taken daily will also help with weight loss thanks to AGCG. Land Art’s green tea extract has the added advantage of being theine free.  
  • Exercising: Being sedentary promotes weight gain, no matter what age you are. Many studies show that nearly 40% of obese people do no exercise whatsoever. Sitting for more than 30 minutes per day predisposes a person to obesity. Thanks to exercising, you’ll eat less and this will contribute to your well-being. On top of intensifying fat combustion, burning calories and increasing muscle mass, exercising contributes to psychological health. Exercise must become a priority. Find friends that want to be active. No need for extreme sports, as long as you get moving on a daily basis. For example, a daily 20 minute walk. Find an activity that you like and that you will just not be able to get enough of!
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