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Natural alternatives to relieve children anxiety

Written by Stéfanie Crevier, our newest recruit Naturopathic student at the Quebec Institute of Naturopathic Education, massage therapist, founder of the Natural Care Refuge, culinary explorer, but especially the mother of three wonderful children, Stéfanie joins our team to to share with you his favorites, his healthy recipes, his eco tips, his discoveries and his ideas to make your family life easier!

Nowadays, regardless of age and background, we regularly experience stress and anxiety. Whether due to social pressure, family life, work or school performance, the pressure is high and is expressed in many ways.

The subject is quite broad, but since fall is just around the corner and school is well underway, I have decided to focus this post on the impact of anxiety on preschool and elementary school children. I will also introduce you to some natural alternatives offered by Land Art to help children get through this state more easily.

It’s not always easy to know if a child is anxious. He will not verbalize as an adult would simply because he just doesn’t know the words to express what he feels and does not understand what is happening to him. There are many symptoms that can be associated with anxiety, a child may show physical discomfort such as a stomach ache, headache or nausea. He may have difficulty sleeping, behavioural problems, a lack of focus and concentration, a constant need for reassurance, a lack of appetite, drive and motivation, in short, the list is long and there are just as many causes.

Having personally experienced this situation with my youngest son, Rafaël, I was able to see how helpless parents can feel and quickly be overwhelmed by their child's changing behaviours. And for those of you who are looking for a more natural alternative to chemical medication or rapid diagnosis as I am, this is for you!

Being in the field of naturopathy, I always try to solve this type of condition by natural methods, such as diet. It’s amazing to see how our diet influences our health, both physically and intellectually. We all have different metabolisms and there are many links to be made between our diet and our health problems. Other avenues to explore are mediation, exercise, sleep, psychological follow-up, etc. In short, all-natural health factors must be taken into consideration. Obviously, this type of approach requires more commitment from the parent, but undoubtedly has more beneficial long-term results, without harming the child's health, quite the contrary!

There are also solutions proposed by Land Art, which can make a good change in your child's behaviour, because YES, sometimes, nutritional deficiencies are difficult to fill and can create some disorders in your child. But every situation is different, and you should not hesitate to consult a health professional if you feel that the situation requires more attention.

Must number 1: The great MAGNESIUM

It’s an essential mineral that is involved in more than 300 essential enzymatic reactions! Can you imagine?! Magnesium deficiency is quite common and can cause fatigue, stress, sleep disorders, hypertension, etc. Not to mention that insufficient magnesium intake would promote certain mood disorders. Of course, magnesium can be provided by food, but it’s overused in stressful situations and studies show that deficiencies are very common. That is why it’s often necessary to use supplements and Land Art’s magnesium is a great solution for the whole family!

Must number 2: The B-Complex ZEN

It is a B-group vitamin supplement that combines all the benefits of a balanced B-vitamin complex with hops, chamomile and moringa, known to help relieve stress. Group B vitamins are essential and complementary, hence the importance of a complete formula to help the body metabolize nutrients (fats, carbohydrates or proteins) and to maintain good health. In addition, this complex has the ability to relieve nervousness. Please note that the Zen b-complex doesn't have a child dosage, please refer to your healthcare professional prior to use or use the version of the original complex-B

Must number 3: Omega 3

Omega 3 are essential fatty acids that our body cannot synthesize itself. That’s why it’s essential to find some in our diet, which is not always obvious, especially for our children, hence the popularity of Omega 3 supplements! They contribute to the development of the brain, eyes and nerves in children and adolescents and play a role in their cognitive health and brain function. Studies also show that Omega 3 have a positive impact on mood disorders, depressive symptoms and attention deficit disorders.

That sums up this post on the possible natural approaches to consider if your child is going through a difficult period of stress and anxiety for all kinds of reasons. Too often parents feel helpless and turn to traditional medicine and in many cases, a rapid diagnosis follows that does not aim to understand the cause, but rather to control the symptoms.

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