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Mommy, more please!

For healthy growth and development, your child must have a balanced diet that provides the necessary nutrients in order to remain active. In terms of nutrition, carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, vitamins and mineral salts must be eaten in sufficient quantities to provide a good source of energy.

Winner foods:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Whole grain cereal products (brown rice, pastas, whole wheat bread, breakfast cereals), rich in group B vitamins, minerals and fibers
  • Proteins (fish, tofu, nuts, legumes, eggs)
  • Calcium enriched dairy or soy products
Foods to be avoided:
  • Commercially produced foods rich in fats
  • Sugar and carbonated drinks or sodas (useless and harmful)
Adopt the following habits for mealtimes:
  • Regular hours: taking meals at regular hours promotes healthy habits and pleasant family time;
  • Pleasant atmosphere: create family dinners that promote openness. Introduce them to a variety of new and healthy foods;
  • Family discussions: include your child in family discussions and mealtime will become a pleasant activity;
  • A calm environment: a meal in a calm environment, without television or other distractions, will keep your child interested in the meal and hungry enough;
  • Breakfast: breakfast is of the utmost importance to start the day with force: studies throughout the world have shown that children who don’t have breakfast rarely recuperate the missing nutritional nutrients throughout the rest of the day. More irritable than others, often more tired and less attentive in class, their capacity for learning is reduced.
Nutritional supplements

If you are uncertain or know that your child isn’t getting the nutrients they need, liquid dietary supplements in the form of vitamins, minerals and medicinal plants is a sensible choice for growth. The role of a vitamin or mineral supplement is to help provide your child with all of the needed nutritional elements, if needed. But it isn’t appropriate to give just any supplement in any which way. A child may become intoxicated if given high doses of vitamins or minerals.

Recommendations for children
  • When in doubt, MULTI VITAMINS (and MULTI-KID) as well as MINERALEX* (under therapeutic recommendation only) will provide balanced and complete vitamins and minerals. The proper dosage must be observed depending on your child’s age and eating habits;
  • A mix of plants adapted to stimulate the immune system can be a big help when they seem weak. In this case, Land Art’s PROTECT, COUGH SYRUP and VITAMIN C are perfectly suited for prevention and healing;
  • A combination of B-COMPLEX and MAGNESIUM for children who are anxious, hyperactive or with attention deficit nourishes the nervous system. As to HERBACALM*, it promotes relaxation to help those that have difficulty falling asleep or that don’t sleep soundly (without morning fatigue) ;
  • OMEGAS 3s are essential for development in children and very important in the case of deficit attention disorder. Numerous studies have shown that children from 8 to 11 years old taking a regular daily dose of Omega-3s, over a  3 month period, show a considerable reduction in problems with coordination, spelling, reading and behavior. Taking omega-3s also shows conclusive results within 8 weeks to reduce symptoms. The action of omega-3s is not only useful for children suffering from cognitive troubles, they are essential for the development and protection of the brain for children in general.
Liquid dietary supplements offer numerous advantages including that of going unnoticed in a glass of juice !!! A clear advantage for you little ones. They are also known to be easily assimilated and to offer faster results than pills!!! We hope that tomorrow they will ask for more…Mommy, more please!
*under therapeutic recommendation only
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