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Why do we have such a need for minerals? 

Minerals are the construction and maintenance materials of all living organisms. They build up our skeleton, maintain our tissues and facilitate the functions in our bodies (heart, muscles, nervous system, etc.)

A poorly balanced diet, our lifestyle and physical exercise make us lose precious minerals that are difficult to replace. And sufficient intake through food is more and more difficult to achieve. Why?

According to Agriculture Canada, soils have lost 50% of their mineral reserves over the last 40 years. Our frenetic lifestyle, our diet which is often lacking in nutritious foods, fruits and vegetables that are grown in overly exploited soils considerably reduce our mineral intake. Supplements therefore become necessary allies.

For minerals to be assimilated by our cells, it is necessary for them to be in colloidal or ionic form. It is an undeniable major advantage of liquid supplements. Pills and capsules are often only partially assimilated and end up feeding your bathroom plumbing rather than your body.

For general provisions in minerals, Mineralex is a liquid formula which is highly bio-available that will nourish your cells and allow them to provide optimum performances. Mineralex also helps relaxation. It is therefore ideal for post-training or evening use. 

For more specific needs, choose one of Land Art’s highly bio-available formulas, created by our research and development lab.  Cal-mag ionique for your bonesSilica for your nails and your hair,  Magnesium for your muscles or  Iron for your blood.

You need Calcium

If you:

  • Are a woman over age 45
  • Are pregnant
  • Are a man over age 65
  • Are following a protein rich diet or a low calorie diet
  • Have a sedentary lifestyle or do very little exercise
  • Smoke or drink alcohol on a regular basis
  • Are taking a cortisone based treatment

Calcium is one of the most used mineral supplements. It helps to preserve healthy bone tissue.

A liquid formula ensures immediate and a higher rate of absorption compared to tablets. Tablets can stay in the intestinal tract and need more acid to be absorbed compared to the liquid form.

Find the perfect calcium supplement HERE

You need Magnesium

If you:

  • Are stressed
  • Tend to have cramps or muscle spasms.
  • Have migraines
  • Have a hard time falling asleep
  • Have a history of cardiac problems or bad blood pressure
  • Suffer from Celiac disease or Crohn’s.
  • Tend to get kidney stones or gall stones
  • Take oral contraceptives or estrogens
  • Have symptoms of PMS
  • Take diuretics, antibiotics or cyclosporine

Magnesium deficiency is more commonly found in our society than calcium deficiency. 60% of adults suffer from magnesium deficiency.

Magnesium is essential for the metabolism of calcium and vitamin C, as well as phosphorus, sodium and potassium. Each cell in the human body needs magnesium to produce energy. Magnesium participates in the making of 300 different enzymes that are used to send messages throughout the nervous system. Magnesium also helps in the use of other vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C and calcium.

Find the perfect magnesium supplement HERE

You need Iron

If you:

  • Are a woman of childbearing age
  • Have abundant menstruations
  • Are a vegetarian or vegan
  • Suffer from anaemia
  • Suffer from an illness that creates the malabsorption of iron: like Crohn’s or Celiac’s disease for example
  • Have a health issue such as: a peptic ulcer, benign colon polyps or colorectal cancer
  • Regularly take certain medications, like antacids, aspirin or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Suffer from renal failure

Essential to life, iron plays an important role in our organism and is found in many foods, and yet it is one of the minerals that we lack the most of (one in ten people are iron deficient).

It makes up 60% to 70% of the composition of haemoglobin; the pigment that gives blood its color and brings oxygen to the cells in the body. Iron cannot get there without the help of vitamin C. Iron is particularly essential during periods of growth: including childhood, but also during adolescence and pregnancy which are even more important periods. Iron is required to transport oxygen from the lungs to cells and for the return trip of carbon dioxide. It is also found in the form of enzymes in charge of regulating the production of energy, to maintain the function of our many systems and to synthesize DNA.

For optimum iron assimilation :

  • Calcium: tea and coffee interfere with iron assimilation, take them at 2 hour intervals or more;
  • Vitamin C improves iron absorption, add a food or beverage rich in vitamin C when taking iron;
  • Sulphate based iron supplements or inorganic iron can destroy vitamin E, take an organic iron supplement like iron gluconate or fumarate instead which do not cause constipation.

Find the perfect iron supplement HERE

You need Silica

If you:

  • Have weak nails that are ridged or soft
  • Have dull and broken hair or tend to lose hair in large quantities
  • Have dry skin, that is wrinkled or tight
  • Have varicose veins
  • Have wrinkles
  • Suffer from joint stiffness

Different studies have shown that there is an important decrease in silica levels, notably in the skin and arteries, between the beginning of adult life and the end of life. This loss may even go up to 80%.

What role does silica play?

We know that silica intervenes in the constitution of bones, hair, nails, cartilage and skin. It contributes to the elasticity and thickness of skin, reduces wrinkles and promotes scarring. Weak levels of silica have been noted in cases of psoriasis and many other skin diseases.

Silica reduces hair loss and improves its appearance as well as promoting hair growth. We can also say goodbye to weak nails.

A good friend for your joints, silica helps to form precious collagen and is responsible for its supple elasticity. Calcium is there for your bones, but silica is even better. On top of helping out your whole body, silica helps your bones recover their density and increased solidity. It is relatively easy to get calcium in your diet which is not the case when it comes to silica.

Find the perfect silica supplement HERE

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