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Gifts Ideas, Signed Land Art

The holidays are coming, and you want an original idea? Giving Land Art health products as gifts can be a great idea. To help you, we have prepared some lists of gift ideas for you.

Small and perfect for Christmas stockings!

Land Art offers many small-sized supplements that are perfect to slip into the whole family's Christmas stockings for a surprise filled with health and benefits.

Certified Organic Vitamin D3: Very small, this bottle lasts a long time and is easy to carry. An essential to support the immune system of all Canadians.

Chloralfa Mint Breath Freshener: A purse or carry bag essential to freshen your breath anytime.

Chlorophyll Capsules: Easy to carry, you can make sure you have your daily dose of chlorophyll no matter where you plan to go during your day.

Aloe Vera Topical Gel: Helpful for a number of reasons (cuts, scrapes, sunburns, minor burns, insect bites), it fits easily in a purse to be ready for any situations.

Aloe Hair: Made with Aloe Vera, Aloe Hair offers a multitude of benefits for hair, from deep hydration to repairing damage, for stronger, shinier hair

Volta: An energizing dose that is easy to bring to work or when going out that helps to keep you awake physically and mentally.

The Land Art Gift Card: You don't know which product to give? Add a Land Art gift card to the Christmas stocking to allow your loved ones to choose their favourite products.

A thought for your parents

The holidays and family evenings with the grandparents are coming and you are looking for gift ideas to offer them? Land Art offers different products suitable for people aged 50 and over to allow Grandma and Grandpa to continue playing with their grandchildren throughout the year.

Collag-n Extra: Did you know that from the age of 30, we lose 1% of our collagen per year? Here is the perfect 8-in-1 therapeutic formula to support joints as well as relieve inflammation and pain.

Ionic Cal-Mag: Easy to absorb, this supplement is perfect to get enough calcium and magnesium for bones, teeth, and muscle function.

Ionic Silica: Ionic Silica makes you feel young again by bringing health, rigidity and strength to your nails and hair as well as vitality to your skin while taking care of the health of your joints and bones.

Vitamin D3+K2: From the age of 50, it is even more important to take a vitamin D supplementation, especially in Canada, and vitamin D3+K2 makes it possible to have this contribution, accompanied by the benefits of vitamin K on arteries and for the prevention of fractures.

For a hostess gift

Hosting family and friends over the holiday season is no easy task. It takes a lot of planning, time, and money. To thank them for their patience and dedication, you want to give them a gift, but you don't know what to choose? Land Art is here to help!

Mint Chlorophyll: A classic, mint chlorophyll is an original gift to give to a hostess. A wonderful addition to water, chlorophyll provides a refreshing taste while providing antioxidant, deodorant, and alkalizing benefits.

Aloe vera Orange Tangerine Drinkable Gel: Aloe Vera Drinkable Gel is the perfect gift to give during the holidays for its benefits for gastric reflux and heartburn, which can be common after big holiday meals.

The Volta: Being a hostess during the holidays takes a lot of energy, so what is better than a little natural energizing dose to physically and mentally support our hostesses during the holidays?

The Land Art gift card: During a busy holiday season, you can give a Land Art gift card to your hosts. A gift card can give them the opportunity to explore products and choose those that they believe are most beneficial to them.

A gift for your better half
Are you looking for gift ideas for your partner? It's sometimes hard to come up with gift ideas for the person who accompanies your days, but this year, opt for a little more personal gift to spice up your holiday season.
Alove, the all new lubricant: Land Art now offers an all new natural water and aloe vera-based lubricant. Durable and of incomparable quality, offer Alove to your better half to make it a must in your intimacy.

You do not know what to pick ? You can always gift your loved ones with one of our many bundles, including several wonderful supplements, for different occasions.
Visit our "Packs" section on our website to see the options available!

We wish you a wonderful holiday season!
From the entire Land Art team
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