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Vitamin D, your ally for the immunity season!

Autumn has arrived and is already manifesting itself in its beautiful colors, but also in its colder days and shorter days of sunshine. Fall is also cold and flu season, and we need to think about strengthening our immune systems.

Vitamin D
Nicknamed the sunshine vitamin because it can be synthesized by contact with the sun on our skin, this vitamin is essential for a lot of biochemical reactions. Even so, nearly a third of Canadians do not get enough vitamin D. Yet this vitamin plays an essential role in calcium absorption and in the prevention of osteoporosis. However, vitamin D also plays a key role in our immune system. This last role is particularly important, as the influenza season promises to be very virulent this year.

Its role on immunity and inflammation:
It is often said that vitamin D strengthens our immune system, but did you know that this vitamin also helps modulate our innate and acquired immune responses? This is because vitamin D plays a role similar to that of a referee. Vitamin D moderates the response of our immune system to ensure that it is optimal, that is to say that it performs its role without causing too much damage to other functions in our body.
Studies also show that people lacking in vitamin D are therefore more at risk of developing health complications from too much inflammatory response. This is how people can get major respiratory complications.
So, it's best to make sure you're getting enough vitamin D. One simple method: take a supplement!

How to choose your vitamin D supplement:
Two forms of vitamin D exist on our shelves: vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) and vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol). In this regard, it is recommended to give preference to D3 since it is more stable and more effectively increases the level of vitamin D circulating in our blood (+ 85%).
In terms of supplement, vitamin D can be found in all kinds of forms: capsules, tablets, sprays, as a drop or as an injection. According to Dr. Reinhold Vieth of Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, taking vitamin D3 in liquid form is recommended because it is not certain that tablets or capsules taken in large quantities will dissolve properly. This will lead to insufficient dosage: some of the vitamin is excreted in the stool before it is metabolized.

Land Art's Certified Organic Vitamin D3 is an effective and economical option to meet your vitamin D needs. One drop provides 1000 IU of vitamin D3, which is the recommended daily dose. As each bottle contains 490 drops, this tiny little bottle can last you a long time. This supplement comes in liquid form to facilitate absorption and use. Proudly made in Canada, our liquid vitamin D is also the only one to be certified organic by Ecocert.
For more information on the different vitamins D3 offered by Land Art, visit our web page dedicated to these vitamins.





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