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Tips to boost your immune system!

Written by Stéfanie Crevier, our newest recruit Naturopathic student at the Quebec Institute of Naturopathic Education, massage therapist, founder of the Natural Care Refuge, culinary explorer, but especially the mother of three wonderful children, Stéfanie joins our team to to share with you his favorites, his healthy recipes, his eco tips, his discoveries and his ideas to make your family life easier!

The change of season is really here and the little runny noses too! So, here’s an article to help you prepare your body and that of your children for the winter that’s around the corner! I know it's still a little early to talk about winter, but strengthening your immune system requires some efforts and preparation. Contrary to what some may think, it’s wrong to believe that if you have the misfortune to come across a virus or bacteria, you automatically become ill! The immune system is much more complex than one might think and there are several factors to take into consideration.

First, there are our lifestyle habits that play a very important role in our immunity system. As a matter of fact, many studies show that diet, smoking, sleep, physical activity, stress levels, the quality of human relationships and the living environment influence our system. Therefore, taking care of your health on a daily basis is essential and allows your immunity to be strengthened.

Do you know the expression: “Heaven helps those who help themselves!”? Far from me to add a religious twist to this article, but I find this saying to be very wise! Don’t you find that we’re always on the run and that, when my generation wants something, it wants it YESTERDAY (!), and without having to put in the necessary efforts of course... It’s like writing an article without making any research or launching a company without a business plan or even better, trying to assemble an Ikea piece of furniture without instructions! In all projects, there are steps to follow and they are as important as the result. To optimize your health and strengthen your immune system, it takes more than a dietary supplement and a week’s effort. You must respect your body and its main needs, EVERY day.

Secondly, now that the importance of your lifestyle and diet has been explained, here are some additional options to help you in your efforts to strengthen and support your immune system, and that of your family. I’m taking here of Land Art’s nutritional supplements which really make all the difference!

My number one option: GINSENG!

Land Art offers two versions, pure and hard Ginseng, which act as a tonic to stimulate your immune system and help fight fatigue, as well as Royal Jelly Ginseng (my favorite!), which also contains, as its name suggests, royal jelly, a substance secreted by nurse bees. Fact: this jelly is the only food the queen bee will eat in her lifetime. We attribute to this diet the fact that she lives from 5 to 6 years, unlike the worker bees who only live for a couple of days! Royal jelly is known to reduce intellectual fatigue and stress, strengthen immunity, support recovery and treat sexual disorders. It contains sugars, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins - especially those in the B group, mostly B1 and B5 - and trace elements. A wonderful cocktail that will boost your metabolism!

In addition, Land Art ginseng is composed of a mixture of Korean ginseng, the "Panax" and American ginseng, the "Quinquefolium". These extracts are made from roots aged 4 to 6 years and obtained in the traditional way, a long infusion. They offer a better quality and a maximum of medicinal properties that will act as a general tonic to help you in times of mental and physical fatigue. Who doesn't dream of it right now?!

My number two option: MUSHROOMS EXTRACT!

Well, let's be honest, for those like me who don't like mushrooms, this option is quite repulsive! But, please, don't let that stop you! To stimulate the immune system, it seems that some vegetables are more effective than others. This would be the case for mushrooms, especially shiitake and oyster mushrooms, which are easily found in grocery stores. For those who are not fans - like me – here’s THE product you need to reinforce your immune system: Land Art mushroom extract! It’s composed of five different mushrooms known for their health benefits: shiitake, an immune stimulant and anti-carcinogen; maitake and reishi, which are also immune stimulants; chaga, which is an immune stimulant, anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogen; and hedgehog hydra, an anti-inflammatory and tissue regenerant. WOW!

The mushrooms in Land Art extract are also powerful ADAPTOGENS, a substance that stabilizes normal body functions. Adaptogens help the body adapt to a variety of physical, chemical and biological stresses such as temperature changes, exposure to toxins, infections, stress, etc. So, hop! Let’s add some mushrooms in our lives!

So, you now have two ultra powerful allies to help you fight colds, flu and the seasonal depression blues this fall! Also, let’s not forget that in the whirlwind of routine, work and family obligations, it’s important to take time-off for yourself, to do something you love, to exercise, to laugh and to love more than ever. We must be aware of the changes that the seasons bring to our body and work in synergy with them.

On that note, I wish you guys a very smooth autumn:)

Stéfanie Crevier

Le Refuge soins naturels

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